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Often people find out that you can not return a list as outer item in a JsonResponse [Django-doc] and decide to use safe=False to still allow this. This thus looks like:

from django.http import JsonResponse

# …
return JsonResponse([1,4,2,5], safe=False)

Why is it a problem?

As the parameter already indicates, it is unsafe. Phil Haack published a blog post in 2008 where he manages to exploit the contain of an array by overriding the Array function in JavaScript.

Most browsers have fixed this exploit, but nevertheless, you never can be sure that the browser of the client has been protected against this exploit. Therefore it might be better to still return safe responses.

What can be done to resolve the problem?

You can wrap the data in an extra dictionary. For example a dictionary where you have a key "data" that then maps to the list:

from django.http import JsonResponse

# …
return JsonResponse({'data': [1,4,2,5]})

Extra tips

Companies like Google and Facebook add extra protection. These companies return a JSON response with extra measures for example Google returns:

throw 1; <dont be evil> {"foo": "bar"}

and Facebook returns:

for(;;); {"foo": "bar"}

These will prevent "running" the JSON file, since it will either throw an exception, or get stuck in an infinite loop. At the moment Django's JsonResponse does not perform such formatting, but it is easy to implement such response manually.